Best Launch Is Your Product and Service Launching Assistant 


Who we are and why we created Best Launch

Launch Latinx is a movement that aims to provide opportunities and visualization to Latinx leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Through our Accelerator Program, we've helped aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches launch their own businesses and products, triple their investments and land revolutionary movements. 

With Best Launch, we've gathered all our experience and resources to give it all to you in one Guide that will take you step by step in successfully launching your product or service. This is a great opportunity for those who cannot take a course or a long-term business program. 

With Best Launch you´ll learn how to

  • Build Your Audience: Who are they? What do they want?
  • ​Product/ Service Lab:  Materialize and mold your idea
  • Create A Website: Funnels, landing pages, sales pages etc
  • Be a Badass On  Social Media: Raise brand awareness in all social media platforms
  • Organize Your Team: Be a mindful leader 
  • Understand Your Community: Get to know your people
  • ​Network and Create Buzz: Show up and let everyone know about your project
  • ​What to do after the Launching Process: YES! There´s work to do

Best Launch offers tried and tested strategies to support you in having the BEST launch yet!

You can launch whatever you want — a physical or digital product, a course, a service, or even coaching.

It’s all based on what brings value to you, and those you want to serve

BEST LAUNCH Breaks Into 3 Key Parts


Each part is jam-packed with carefully curated steps so you can successfully launch your product or service

How it works

  • Open your copy of Best Launch
  • ​Follow each step carefully
  • ​Don't know something? Got to "What is that?" section
  • ​Be creative, know the rules, break the rules
  • ​Keep going, keep going!
  • ​You have now launched your business idea!

We got it all covered up!

We've helped many great visionaries land their dream job, launch digital movements, and take off with their best ideas! 

Joanna Marquina, Consultant & Small Business Owner

 "I started my own business and am hitting personal and professional milestones I could not even fathom at the beginning of this year! I'm surprising myself with what I'm capable and worthy of"

Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig, Author & Transformational Coach

 "Thank you for creating a miracle in my life.  I depart the accelerator booked with 1:1 paying clients."

Your idea is worth millions!
If you have an idea that you just can’t wait to bring to life,
then It’s 100% worth it to turn that dream into a reality.

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